U.S. Postpones Long Range Missile Test Amid Nuclear Tensions With Russia
U.S. Delays Missile Test Amid Nuclear Tensions With Russia
Pentagon delays ballistic missile test over Russia tensions
Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin has decided to postpone a ballistic missile test scheduled for this week to avoid escalating tensions with Russia.
Blinken says Putin's rhetoric on nuclear threat is 'height of irresponsibility'
Secretary of State Antony Blinken condemns Russian President Vladimir Putin for dangerous language and increased nuclear threat amid Ukrainian invasion.
Russia: Nuclear weapon dangerous but we can protect ourselves, allies – US boasts
The United States of America's Secretary of Defense, Lloyd Austin has warned that “any rhetoric about the employment of nuclear weapons by Russia is
'Height of irresponsibility:' Blinken slams Putin's provocative rhetoric on nuclear weapons
The United States and Russia own the lion's share of the world's combined nuclear weapons inventory.
"Height Of Irresponsibility": US Top Diplomat Slams Putin's Nuclear Threat
Top US diplomat Antony Blinken called President Vladimir Putin's "provocative" nuclear rhetoric "the height of irresponsibility" Wednesday, days after the Russian leader put his strategic forces on alert after invading Ukraine.
Pentagon delays Minuteman III test launch over Putin’s nuke order
Pentagon officials are postponing a Minuteman III ballistic missile test launch this week in order to show that the U.S. is a “responsible nuclear power” following President Vladimir Putin’s order to
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