Ukraine invasion nears 1-week; Russia advances pushing civilian death toll higher

Russia is intensifying its attacks on key Ukrainian cities - with fighting raging for nearly a week in the north, east and south.

Hundreds of people are feared dead in the southern port of Mariupol following hours of sustained shelling, city's deputy mayor says

Also in the south, Russia has been battling for control of Kherson but its mayor says the city is still held by Ukrainian forces

There have been reports of more rocket fire and air strikes in the north-eastern city of Kharkiv, where Russian paratroops landed overnight

The UN General Assembly votes to condemn Russia's invasion in its first emergency meeting since 1997

Roman Abramovich will sell Chelsea FC, with proceeds going to charitable foundation to help war victims

Talks between Ukraine and Russia are expected to resume as negotiators travel to Belarus for another meeting. A ceasefire is set to be discussed.

Some Russian troops have "deliberately punched holes in their vehicles' gas tanks" as morale among the Russians declines, a senior US official said.

The troops appear to be self-sabotaging in order to avoid combat, the unnamed senior Pentagon official said, per The New York Times. The official added that many of the Russian troops are young and inexperienced in combat, and they are facing dwindling food and fuel resources.

As morale drops, some of the Russian troops have surrendered to Ukrainian forces "without a fight," a US senior defense official told reporters in a briefing.

The US official said that there has been evidence "of a certain risk averse behavior by the Russian military," since Russia launched its assault on Ukraine, CNN reported.